Big Thinking

No two Brown + Hudson travel experiences are alike, because each client and every brief is unique. We handcraft each journey meticulously starting from scratch. 

The following ideas are a starting point; an expression of a more considered approach to original, meaningful and insightful bespoke travel.

  • The Great Game

    Imagine the latest high-tech travel board game created just for you. A modern day cultural treasure hunt centred on your destination. Perfect to bring a multi-generational family together whilst travelling. We'll geo-cache clues, create challenges, pop-up events, involve locals and actors too. Using a dedicated app you could even involve your wider social network to share your discoveries, learning's, successes, or groan at your odd cultural faux-pas.

  • Luxpedition

    Opening up the world of hard core expeditions (Wakhan Corridor, Madagascar or Kokoda Track, Darien Gap etc.) to people who are looking for a challenge but without some of the hardships. You define your expedition, and we'll bring your definition of comfort or luxury.

  • The Lives of Others

    For a richer more insightful experience, do everything except visit tourist sites. We'll invite you to a dinner party, introduce you to a local journalist or trendsetter, show you which neighbourhood coffee shop to hang out in and more. Everything except the obvious. Forget the guide book, pass on museums, dispense with the local guide. We have other ideas that will show you a place from a refreshingly different and human perspective.

  • The Grand Tour 2.0

    Inspired by the 17th century original, our Grand Tour 2.0 is a contemporary journey that explores global culture, issues and trends. From India to China, Brazil to Russia, focusing on your interests, meet the people shaping the future of media, technology, politics, the arts, conservation and social change. From CEOs to NGOs the result is an experience that allows you to carve your place in an increasingly connected world.

  • A Journey around my room

    For people who struggle to achieve a work/life balance, this concept provides all the benefits of travel without any of the inconveniences. Our understanding of how a journey satisfies one’s most profound needs allows us to recreate intensely memorable cultural experiences anywhere. Imagine Vietnam in London, India in Toronto, Morocco in Paris, Bhutan in Buenos Aires.

  • Something’s Afoot in Singapore

    How to keep a spa and wellness aficionado entertained when footloose and fancy-free through South East Asia? Simple – remove his shoes and introduce him to a man called Doctor Fish.

  • Biblical Archaeology in Israel

    Brown + Hudson was retained to create the research trip for author DJ Niko's last book “The Riddle of Solomon”.