March 16, 2024 by dkumar

Today’s honeymoon with its origins in the 19th century has fallen behind the needs of modern couples and modern times.

Beyond relaxation, decadence, and romance in exotic settings, a modern honeymoon can be a source of shared meaning and discovery. It’s the chance to create new traditions together.

The brilliance of our HONEYMOON.EI concept lies first in our research of our client’s individual and shared stories and values, then in our particular creative process and ideation. Emotional intelligence is a thread that unites everything we dream up, create and plan. We connect aspects of our client’s interests and their vision of life together to facets of their chosen destination.

Whether subtle or spectacular, magical or unexpected, our choreography of ideas, activities, events and discoveries ensures they become unforgettable memories and provide a meaningful and impactful start to married life. At last, clients can go beyond romance and decadence to tell the story not just how they will live together, but how they will grow as they share life together.


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