META Travel

January 10, 2024 by dkumar

For years we’ve bought tickets, made reservations, and blindly followed guidebooks telling us what we should do without telling us why. No one has taught us how to get the most happiness, the richest memories, the greatest transformation, the deepest relaxation, the best stories from our travel.

META Travel is the answer to this problem – it’s travel beyond travel. These are travel experiences that help you better understand yourself as a traveller, that teach you how to get better outcomes from your precious time travelling.

Each trip begins with a strong initial storyline. It might involve a journey of self-discovery, a chance to bond with loved ones, or to create a legacy – you choose. Then we populate this with the kinds of people you will want to meet and experiences that will make your journey an opportunity for growth and understanding.

Importantly, each META concept reflects the latest thinking in the art and science of experience and travel design to provide fulfilment, self-insight, and ultimately happiness from your travels.


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