Travel from the inside

September 18, 2019 by Jonathan Kelly

Richard and Susan, you approached to introduce Jamie to the world of bespoke travel. As he prepares for university, you were keen for him to have a taste of the working world and a job he might consider once his academic studies were complete.

With that in mind, we have created the ultimate introduction to help ground him in the travel business, as well as teach him invaluable life skills. With our unique approach he will learn everything about how a journey is created; from the very embryonic stage of a client choosing a destination, through our brainstorming methods, client interviews and finally the moulding and shaping of a dream voyage.

But even more than learning how to plan a trip he will discover what goes on behind the scenes at Brown + Hudson and with our worldwide partners. In our offices in Notting Hill, Jamie will learn about the history of travel, when, how and why it began, how it operates and what future trends will be. He will also work closely with our marketing department learning about social and print media advertising and the competitive nature of the industry.

By spending time with us Jamie will discover just what it takes to create a bespoke adventure quite unlike any other. 


His educational journey will begin in London, at our offices, here he will meet our team of expert trip planners and see how they set about devising and creating our bespoke journeys. He will join us as we sit down with you for a Trip Planning Interview. He’ll discover what questions we ask and why we ask them before learning what we do with this information, and how vital it is to our planning process. Then work to develop his own thoughts and the trip planners ideas into a basic framework of a journey.

Paired with one of experts, Jamie will consider the details learned from your interview. Together they will delve into works or literature, movies, historical texts, poetry, art, fashion and even design to discover the story your journey will tell. From there Jamie will work to transform these bare bones into a detailed concept, complete with our trademark touches of insight and exclusive access to create a richer travel experience.  

While we await your approval for the journey, we will send Jamie, along with a trip planner to one of the leading industry trade shows, where he will meet suppliers, partners and other market innovators. Then he will head off to Switzerland to a world-class 

hospitality school to discover how the best hoteliers learn their craft.

We will arrange an introduction to a noted travel journalist, with knowledge and insights into the trends and big picture of travel. Time spent considering travel and its meaning will encourage him to see the therapeutic aspects it holds. 

Once you have agreed on the basic parameters of your family holiday, Jamie and your trip planner will pack their bags and set off for your destination. There they will scout out the perfect hotels for the family, meet the general managers to discuss any added treats that can be arranged for you. They’ll discover the latest and greatest restaurants, speak to the chefs, sample the food and pick where you will dine during your visit.

He will gain valuable insights into the complexities of the yacht, jet and helicopter business, and the subtleties of risk assessment, logistics and local partners. 

We will ensure that Jamie recognises the important part etiquette and respect of other cultures play in the travel experience.  Following our strict standards, he will also see the role sustainability and conservation play in every journey we create. 

Jamie will then work closely with the trip planner for one of the most important aspects, as they meet the people who will act as your guides while you are there. Many of these will not be your traditional ‘guides’, instead they will be local experts in architecture, history, art, perhaps a local politician, retired general or even a serving Archbishop. Here Jamie will work on his people management skills, briefing them on our expectations and the family’s wishes to ensure the best possible experience for each member of the Frost family.

Finally the trip planner and Jamie together will dream up and arrange an amazing experience as a trip highlight for you. Perhaps behind the scenes access at an exclusive event; dinner with royalty; a private lesson with a world-class chef or meeting one of the children’s heroes. 

When done, Jamie will then be able to relax in-country before heading back to London to help put together the detailed itinerary, knowing that he has helped create both an unforgettable travel experience for the entire family and developed invaluable skills for whatever his future career may be.


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