The META Collection

Meta travel
[ ˈme-tə ˈtræv.əl ]

Noun: Travel that teaches you to travel better. A concept devised by travel consultancy Brown + Hudson in 2020 to challenge the status quo of luxury travel.

  1. My time is precious. In 2024 I'm embracing META Travel to help me travel smarter.
  2. The result of years of research into the art, science and psychology of travel, and applying principles from some of the leading academic thinkers, META Travel is the future of luxury travel.

Introducing the META Collection

Over the past 15 years, we have, in the words of Forbes magazine, refined "the ultimate in bespoke travel". And now, we've brought the same obsessive attention to detail and wild imagining to a new collection of six extraordinary made to measure, insightful and creative journeys.

We've called this the META Collection and, as Greek scholars will know, as a prefix "meta" means ‘beyond’; and, when combined with words in English, brings the potential for ‘change’.

Both are integral to the new experiences we've created for you for 2024. Because we aim to go far beyond where luxury travel has taken you in the past. And, in the process, seek to change not only the way you view the role travel plays in your life, but also how you might feel about your very self.

You might take seek out a personal Scandinavian toolkit for happiness with EUPHORIA.

Or embark on your very own Hero’s Journey of TRANSFORMATION in Nepal or perhaps the Andes.

If you’ve travelled to the United Kingdom before then consider taking the time to rediscover it through the prism of the inimitable British sense of humour and comedy. This what HUMOUR & HERITAGE is all about.

CREATIVITY takes you into the Catalonia region of Spain to introduce you to creatives in many fields all committed to helping you develop your own creative thinking and practical talents.

If you have an adolescent in your life or are simply gifted with the quality of curiosity, FUTURELOOP is your Grand Tour for the 21st Century. Exploring concepts like a.i, longevity, climate change, relationships, critical thinking will allow you to embrace tomorrow’s world and ideas today.

In an increasingly polarised world, you might need a change in PERSPECTIVES. The canvas we have chosen is the Middle East and we propose a journey designed and led entirely by women to give you a new understanding of the culture, values and future of this region.

Travel safe in the knowledge that every META Collection is carbon negative by design, ensuring that the world you traverse will be left in a better state than when you left home.

Whichever journey you choose, our aim is to introduce to you places in ways no other travel advisor would ever imagine. Both in terms of the places we take you and the senses, sensations and states of mind we arouse within you.

Welcome to The META 2024 Collection


The META Collection

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