Lessons On Leadership In The Cradle Of Democracy


Over the course of eight glorious days in the birthplace of Western democracy, you and your family will meet inspiring leaders from different walks of life in a variety of evocative and privileged locations. Together, you’ll explore seven key pillars of leadership from integrity to courage and strategic vision. The aim? To equip your children with the insight and tools to enable them to become the authentic leaders of tomorrow.


  • Your children will develop a better understanding, fluency and confidence in transferrable life skills that will serve them throughout their lives
  • Gain privileged access to inspirational leaders in their fields and a variety of iconic venues
  • Carefully crafted with teenagers in mind to be fun and interactive as well as instructive
  • Plenty of downtime included to allow you to bond, play and explore together as a family
  • Easily adapted to be of relevance and benefit for senior management teams and other interested parties
  • VIP treatment all the way, with a team at your disposal, yacht and helicopter charters and sumptuous accommodation throughout
  • The Collection is carbon negative by design, ensuring that the world you traverse will be left in a better state than when you left home

Your Story

The need today for authentic leadership has arguably never been greater. In the face of a crisis that seems to be engulfing modern Western political leaders, this journey to Greece aims to inspire the next generation of leaders by asking key questions about the nature of authentic leadership and, we hope, providing pathways that will enable them to become tomorrow’s changemakers. Investing in your children’s future in this way is, we think, their best hope for a better world. 

How better to learn about leadership than going back to first principles? Where better than going to the birthplace of democratic leadership – Greece? Over the course of eight days, you and your family will explore seven essential pillars of authentic leadership as you meet inspirational leaders from all walks of life.

We have carefully chosen mentors who have found their own vision and ways to make a difference in the world. Every encounter is designed to open your children’s eyes to a different aspect of leadership: among these, they will learn about courage from a Paralympian athlete among the ruins of ancient Olympia; responsibility from a senior politician at a private dinner overlooking the Acropolis; self-confidence from a fashion designer in their atelier; integrity from both the founder and the beneficiaries of a pioneering not-for-profit organisation; and passion from a Michelin-starred chef while sailing the Aegean.

Because we understand that boredom thresholds for teens can be quite low, we have ensured that there will be no painfully dull lectures on this journey. Meta:Morphosis is intentionally crafted to feel informal, fun and interactive. When you are not meeting with Greek movers and shakers, there is the beauty of Greece to explore. You will have plenty of free time to decompress and spend time together. You will stay in the most fabulous accommodation that Athens and the Peloponnese have to offer while enjoying delicious food. And to make your journey seamless, your family will have VIP access to a private yacht, helicopters, a car and driver at your disposal, and a personal factotum.

Young people learn to do what is right by example. Our goal with this unique journey is to transform your children’s understanding of what authentic modern leadership requires. In so doing, we hope in some small way to give them insights into making the world a better place.

This journey reflects our Grand Tour 2.0 approach, which seeks to provide deeper insight for those interested in exploring today’s pressing issues with key stakeholders. While the aim of this particular journey is to inspire young adults to become the authentic leaders of tomorrow, it can easily be adjusted to have relevance for wider age- and interest-groups.


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Make it Bespoke

With extra time available, why not explore Greece a little deeper while you are here? We know Greece’s most exceptional villas and private yachts, many of them ‘off book’, and spending a few days in the Cyclades or cruising in the Ionian Islands would make a fitting way to round out your time in Greece.

We can also tailor this experience so that it is of benefit to, for example, a company’s senior management team. Let us help you transform your organisation’s thinking. Greece has an abundance of venues and people to inspire and provide you and your team with the creative space and insight to forge ahead.


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