Wild, Wild West

Hightailing Through the Utah Backcountry


Escape the crowds as you race through Utah’s mind-blowing backcountry canyons and deserts by speedboat, buggy, raft, helicopter and private plane. Enjoy luxury wilderness camps built from scratch, private chefs and a host of storytellers and experts to enrich your time, leading up to a finale that takes ‘ending on a high note’ to an entirely new level.


  • Travel as a family and create memories you’ll relive together for years as you scramble through slot canyons and race across the wilderness led by the best guides in Utah
  • Experience an American outdoors that few explore, while enjoying previously unimagined comfort levels
  • With adventures tailored to your ability, feel a tremendous sense of achievement - whether you’re a complete beginner or a pro
  • Capture every moment of your adventure with an optional professional videographer
  • The Collection is carbon negative by design, ensuring that the world you traverse will be left in a better state than when you left home

Your Story

The canyons, badlands, mountains and deserts of Utah are home to some of America’s most stunning national parks. Few realise, however, that vast areas of Utah boast landscapes just as extraordinary as their more famous counterparts, but without the crowds. The difference, in terms of the authenticity of your wilderness experience, is palpable.

These landscapes form a virtually unexplored adventure playground, and you’ll have the best expedition team in the business to guide you as travel you from the mountains of Central Utah to the desert canyons of Lake Powell through some of the planet’s most challenging topography.
While the terrain may be tough, your accommodation is anything but. You’ll enjoy next-level frontier luxury at a series of private pop-up camps in sensational wilderness locations, complete with a top chef and camp team to attend to your every wish. And, at journey’s end, a stay at Amangiri’s breathtaking new Camp Sarika.

And to knit every element together seamlessly and ensure you don’t waste a second, you’ll get around by helicopter, private plane, speedboat and UTVs as you take off from remote clifftops, raft down river canyons or scramble over and around slickrock mesas, slot canyons, goosenecks and badlands.

Each day is filled with new adventures. Negotiate the desert gulches of Wild Bunch hangout Robbers Roost in buggies. Dangle in the void as you rappel from a naturally formed rock arch. And jet down Lake Powell to experience the glory of Reflection Canyon. Evenings are spent around the campfire beneath a million stars, and filled with a gourmet dinner, conversation and entertainment - from musicians, storytellers and astronomers to bring the night sky to life.

As your trip draws to a conclusion amid the sleek luxury of Amangiri’s Camp Sarika, there’s a final high in store for you, as you fly by helicopter into Navajo country to land on the top of mighty Tower Butte, a flat-topped natural stone skyscraper nearly a thousand feet tall. Here, as you behold the immense 360-degree views of the desert below, you’ll be served a gourmet lunch – an experience that will quite literally leave you feeling on top of the world.


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Make it Bespoke

For families, this adventure combines well with some oceanfront relaxation in Southern California or Hawaii. Or make this a solo voyage, using the Utah backcountry as a healing space in which to unlock your potential and recalibrate your perceptions in the company of a leading wilderness therapist.


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