April 16, 2024 by dkumar

The most successful creative travel professionals of the future will be gifted with a talent for creating magic from thin air. This is the principle behind POP, an ephemeral approach to events, happenings, magical, and often fantastical pop-up experiences and journeys.

Our stories often feature unexpected and stunning locations. Overnight in utterly decadent tented encampments or designer structures on glaciers, in deserts or historic sites. Imagine sleeping in luxuriously appointed tree-houses in a forest or jungle and villages and hidden retreats where once there were none.

POP is perfectly suited to family adventures, expeditions, fantasy storytelling, proposals, honeymoons or land escapes from yachts. Working towards our client’s goal, we take a strategic view, apply our expeditionary experience and weave an unexpected story told once never to be repeated.


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