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No two Brown + Hudson travel experiences are alike, because every client and every brief is unique. Starting with a clean slate and handcrafting each journey meticulously, we create only a limited number of trips during the course of a year.

  • Living the Bond Life

    Living the Bond life. For those who take their travel shaken, not stirred They’re three little words that have become synonymous with effortless style, exotic travel, fitted tuxedos and impeccably tailored machismo.

  • European Fashion Odyssey

    If someone published The World Atlas of Style, there would be stars flagging New York and Tokyo, of course, along with slightly smaller ones for up-and- comers like Sydney and São Paulo. Still, a flip of the pages would quickly reinforce what’s been true for the past century: Europe is the epicentre of world fashion.

  • Blessed by Legends

    What do you get if you put a shark expert, Archbishop Tutu, Sir Elton John, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in a room together?

  • Friends in High Places

    How a strange curiosity for Himalayan Kingdom Culture led to tea and biscuits with the King of Ladakh.

  • East African Extravaganza

    East Africa’s natural wonders are explored aboard a helicopter and at the side of a legendary wildlife film-maker, who will shoot and produce a professional documentary of the adventure as a unique memento to take home.

  • Sand, Sun and Skeletons

    Some of Africa’s most dramatic landscapes provide the backdrop to this wonderful and strangely romantic discovery of Namibia and Botswana.

  • Mediterranean Odyssey

    An expansive journey created for a group of 3 who wanted to visit Turkey and Italy, getting to know the rich historical, cultural and gastronomic heritages of these beautiful countries. Oh, and indulge in the odd bit of fishing along the way.

  • Spanish Banquet

    Three couples decided to explore Spain together. While they all enjoyed good food, wine and luxurious accommodation, their interests otherwise were rather diverse. We built on this complexity, curating a rich and passionate story, much like Spain itself.

  • Something’s Afoot in Singapore

    How to keep a spa and wellness aficionado entertained when footloose and fancy-free through South East Asia? Simple – remove his shoes and introduce him to a man called Doctor Fish.

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