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Sara Campbell

The motives behind our clients’ adventures are as diverse as the destinations they wish to explore, but we’re struck by how many people approach us hoping to pursue their spiritual side. Some are interested in discovering new forms of meditation and other introspective techniques, while others just want to work on their Downward Facing Dog. Whatever the inward goal, our response is typically the same: “Have you heard of Sara Campbell?”

A master of the art of Kundalini, the “yoga of awareness,” Sara leads meditation classes around the globe, teaching people the art of deep breathing and serenity. They’re skills that come in especially handy for someone who also happens to be one of the world’s top free divers. Through her yoga practice, Sara stumbled on a unique ability to hold her breath for very long periods – in fact, for more than five minutes (which, if you feel inclined to try it yourself, is an extraordinarily long time). This natural talent led her to free diving – and in just nine months she progressed from budding novice to three-time world record holder. In fact, Sara is one of only two women ever to have dived, self-propelled, to the lung-crushing depth of 100 m in a single breath. 

While we don’t expect you to follow her all the way down, Sara’s skills and expertise would be an asset on any ocean adventure. You can learn the secret of deep breathing while diving, say, at the Great Blue Hole in Belize, or snorkelling among the corals of Australia’s Ningaloo reef. And if you’re seeking an added spiritual dimension to your inland travels, why not spread your yoga mat in a Ladahk monastery and let Sara guide you through the appropriate moves? Or venture to Haridwar in India, one of the country’s holiest sites, for a meditation session beneath the watchful gaze of Shiva. 

At Brown + Hudson, we understand the spiritual resonance that many travellers seek – ourselves included – both for its restorative power and as a way to gain deeper insights into the lifelong journey. As for achieving a perfect Downward Facing Dog, well, that may be a little more difficult.  

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