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We offer unparalleled access to some of the worlds most inspiring and insightful individuals. Each adds texture and depth to any experience we create, ultimately yielding a richer travel story.

Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle’s résumé reads like someone wove together the life stories of Ernest Shackleton, Bear Grylls and James Bond. An intrepid explorer, author and documentary filmmaker, Ben has somehow found the time to row across the Atlantic with an Olympic gold medallist (in British record time), race on snowshoes to the South Pole and swim the perilous 1.5 miles across San Francisco Bay to Alcatraz.

We can’t imagine anyone more qualified to lead your bespoke expedition to some of the world’s more extreme destinations, whether helping you mush your dogsled across the Arctic tundra or teaching you survival techniques among the dunes of the Namibian desert. Or maybe introducing you to turtle conservationists on the Mosquito Coast of Honduras, or canoeing through crocodile-infested waterways in Botswana. 

With his wealth of knowledge, insight and fascinating stories from a remarkable life, Ben adds huge value to any travel experience. He’s toured the world on assignment in Tristan da Cunha, Pitcaim, St Helena, Timor, Nepal, Namibia, Zambia, Uganda, Morocco – in fact, it’s probably easier to list the countries he hasn’t visited. A qualified Ocean Yachtmaster and coastal skipper, he’d be an ideal companion on a bespoke journey through the Philippines or to Scotland’s Outer Hebrides – including the island of Taransay, where he was marooned for a year as part of the BBC’s Castaway program. And in light of his television documentaries on everything from malaria in Ethiopia to Scott’s exploration of Antarctica, who better to document your adventures with a professional’s gift for capturing a great story? 

In short, if we were setting course for an unchartered wilderness, Ben’s the man we would want holding the compass. 

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