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Doug Allan

Have you ever watched a BBC nature documentary and wondered, “How did they ever get that incredible shot?” More often than not, the answer is Doug Allan. When it comes to exploring polar environments, we don’t know anyone cooler or more inspiring than the filmmaker David Attenborough calls ‘”the toughest man in the business.” And you’d have to search pretty far to find someone better to document your own underwater adventure.

When you’ve travelled to the ends of the planet to track polar bears on Canada’s Hudson Bay, or to make friends with a colony of Emperor penguins on an ice floe in Antarctica, you want those precious memories preserved (if only for proof that it wasn’t all a dream). Doug can capture experiences like these as part of your own personal documentary, drawing on his wealth of knowledge and past adventures to bring your unique wilderness adventure to life. 

In his remarkable career as a research diver, biologist, underwater photographer and scientific station commander, Doug has made over 650 ice dives and spent more than 5,000 hours underwater. His groundbreaking efforts to expand our understanding of polar environments have earned him two Polar Medals and a Fuchs medal from the British Antarctic Survey. In 1986 he turned his attention to filmmaking and in the years since has become a leading force in the documentary world, working on award-winning series such as the BBC’s landmark Planet Earth, The Blue Planet, Human Planet and Life.

Whether he’s enthralling us with stories of orcas attacking grey whales off the California coast or explaining how he filmed polar bears hunting belugas in the Canadian Arctic, Doug is someone we’re proud to call a friend of Brown + Hudson. Now, would you like an introduction?

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