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Frits Hoogendijk

A safari through Kenya’s Serengeti wouldn’t be complete without some jaw-dropping photographs. After all, your friends back home might not believe your stories about narrowly avoiding an African bull elephant, or how you came upon a graceful giraffe silhouetted against the sunset. Enter Frits Hoogendijk, a man who’s turned his love of the African wilderness into an award-winning photography career.

Growing up in the South African bushveld, Frits was immersed from an early age in the region’s spectacular natural beauty. Today he spends most of his free time out in the wilds, where his striking images of big game and birdlife have earned an array of honours, including the prestigious BBC Veolia Photographer of the Year award in 2012. Our eye was initially caught by the elegant photographic style of his “Big Cat” series – but it’s his ability to convey the deeper spirit and fundamental dignity of the creatures he portrays that has garnered Frits international acclaim. 

At Brown + Hudson, we appreciate photographic technique that gets out of the way and lets the raw beauty of nature take centre stage. We’ve curated photography experiences everywhere from France and Spain to [somewhere more exotic], flying in award-winning shooters from around the world to help clients hone their skills. But if you’re looking for a master to take you into the wilds of Kenya’s savannah, getting up close and personal with a yawning lion at sunrise, or capturing a Grant’s gazelle as it outruns a sprinting cheetah, there are few better than Frits. 

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