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James Dorsey

Whether it’s kayaking with killer whales, trekking through the Sahara with Tuareg nomads or exploring the backwaters of Cambodia, there’s no better way to discover a country than with an expert. If it’s off the beaten path, then the chances are that James Michael Dorsey has not only done it, but also taught it or written about it. Imagine trekking through the dense jungle, unable to see where you’re going but safe in the knowledge that James will get you there safely and when you do, he’ll know all there is to know about each hidden gem.

Having travelled extensively through 45 countries, now his passions lie in discovering remote African and Asian cultures. When at home in California, he is dedicated to protecting endangered whales off the coast. Part intrepid explorer, part photographer and with the authority of an author, James brings an enormous amount of knowledge, insight and expertise to any project he is involved in.

He came to our attention with his masterful writing about Beng Mealea, an obscure and still landmined Cambodian temple which provides a rawer experience than the more crowded Angkor Wat. His sincere fascination with remote lands and the ancient practices of their inhabitants makes him as much participant as observer. 

We are inspired by James as his ethos is very much aligned to our own. As he would say: travel does not always begin with the boarding of an airplane, but rather at the moment one opens the mind to new possibilities.

We appreciate someone that can cut straight to the heart of the matter, who uses words to not just paint a picture, but immerse you in the destination. If you’re looking for a true old-fashioned explorer with the heart and soul of a passionate author, then there are few, if any, better than James.

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