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Michelle Valberg

It’s not easy to make ice look mysterious, poetic and enticing, but acclaimed photographer Michelle Valberg manages to do all that and more. Her remarkable images are like frozen moments that capture not only the pure beauty of a polar landscape, but the deeper sense of wonder that it inevitable evokes. Her award-winning photographs from around the globe appear regularly in National Geographic, The London Tribune, More, Canadian Geographic and In Style – but it’s her work in the Canadian Arctic that especially catch our imaginations.

Now a Nikon Ambassador for Canada, Michelle is an experienced leader of arctic photographic expeditions, whether helping clients preserve once-in-a-lifetime moments from their northern adventures or creating a record of the journey on their behalf. Who better than a seasoned professional to help you deal with exposure settings under Norway’s oblique midnight sun, or to advise you on the best way to sneak up on an Arctic fur seal? And if you don’t document your husky-driven North Pole expedition, what will you present to the Royal Geographical Society on your return? Wherever you travel, Michelle’s expert eye and wealth of polar experience prove invaluable.  

But it’s not only her photographs that inspire us at Brown + Hudson; Michelle is also a committed philanthropist. In 2009 she founded Project North, a not-for-profit committed to providing education and sports-based opportunities for young people in the Canadian Arctic. 

Michelle is always expanding her portfolio of spectacular images in remote corners of the world, and we can arrange to have you join her next photography expedition. Trek with her through Argentina, capturing images of elusive pumas in the Patagonian Andes. Or fly to Antarctica and visit remote colonies of emperor penguins huddled on the polar ice. You’ll be delighted at how much more of the world you can see through a well-guided lens. 

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