Isolation Goals

June 01, 2020 by Sara, 5 minute read time

As everyone knows, time spent without a specific aim or goal can drag on interminably. And if you’re suddenly working from home, you’ll start to find it’s important to differentiate your work time from your relaxation time. We recommend making use of this sudden gift of free time to put together a list of targets and get started on making some changes for the better. 

Our suggestions are:

Learn a language

Write a book

Read a book

Start a business 

Learn a dance

Catch up on sleep (when was the last time you took a midday nap?!)

Buy vouchers for restaurants or activities you want to do in the future

Declutter your house - have a go at the 40 day challenge!

Make cards or presents to give to your friends and family later on

Do something that helps others


Write a journal

Take up a fitness regime

Video Chat with a different person everyday - even someone you’ve not seen in years will be grateful you’re thinking of them

Learn a new skill - how to design a website, how to knit, how to play a new card game

Use up the leftovers from a project you abandoned - I have a load of silk paint lying around that I am going to use up

Share your skills online

Fix everything in your home that needs fixing

Plan a home renovation

Teach your dog a new trick (or your child)

Listen to radio stories and podcasts instead of watching tv

Join an online sofa choir

Start or join an online community group for your area

Online gaming 

You can also make the five minute health, heart and mind challenge a part of your daily routine. Gather together with family or friends for five minutes and discuss the actions you have taken to protect your Health (going for a brisk walk or doing some push ups), Heart (checking in on a neighbour or calling a loved one), and Mind (pinpoint where you were stressed or unhappy, and what you did to overcome that)

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