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With just 4 days for a family to get their adrenaline fix, an action packed experience close to home, but combining mind-blowing landscapes and activities, was crafted to aid escapism. The finest guides and a professional videographer provided invaluable insight and captured each moment as they traversed Utah by raft, Utility Terrain Vehicles, aircraft, mountain bike and a day of canyoneering. Luxury camps built from scratch and privately chartered flights ensured each element linked seamlessly and no previous moment was wasted.

As we began discussing potential trips in Europe, our client explained that she was considering running for mayor of a large U.S. city and was interested in learning more about municipal politics abroad. So we introduced her to the mayor of a major capital who also happens to head his country’s association of mayors. This cordial get-together gave our client much food for thought – and added to her credibility as a potential leader back home.

For some American clients with a huge interest in the UK’s regal history and War of the Roses a journey across the UK was created, taking in the main sites and personalities for the hunt for the true remains of Richard III. From the lead archaeologist responsible for his reinterment; to the tenacious instigator of the search; and even the last remaining descendant of the Plantagenet King – this was one adventure that truly spanned centuries and connected the dots for our client.

A recently engaged couple were planning a trip to Southern Africa, with the wife-to-be wanting to introduce her fiancé to a place very close to her heart. As their main requirements were exclusivity and flexibility, tailor-made programmes were discussed at each of their high-end lodges, with private tracking teams and vehicles on hand to allow them to explore diverse habitats at their leisure and personal schedule.

A very well-travelled client with a particular interest in wildlife and anthropology wanted to take his family on a journey through Malaysia and Indonesia. To bring their interests alive whilst travelling through different regions they were accompanied by a National Geographic anthropologist who introduced them to local people, tribal elders and sea nomads, giving them first-hand experience of how others work and live in the area; as well as directors of some of the county’s most relevant wildlife conservation projects in Northern Borneo.

While creating a month-long honeymoon trip, we discovered that the groom was preparing for a marathon. So with the help of running experts we calculated his daily training needs. Then the park rangers and lodge staff along our route mapped out and secured some great loops that he could run at his leisure. And before his trip, one of the world’s leading marathon experts met with our client to design a personalized training guide.


For the CEO of a major Middle Eastern government agency, we’ll evoke childhood memories of trips to Hawaii with the addition of insights and adventure only dreamt of as a child. With an exclusive scavenger hunt amidst lush valleys and hidden waterfalls, flying over active volcanoes with the finest expert on the islands, surfing with a pro on Oahu’s north shore and exploring Jurassic Park filming locations on Kauai. And that’s only the beginning.

A journey to showcase the best South Africa has to offer, but with a short time-frame, requires flexibility and adaptability at every turn. Personal guides, vehicles, private jet and crew, as well as Brown + Hudson experts, will be on stand by for the duration to allow the diverse range of environments to be experienced and on the day decisions to be made.  

For a group of major donors to the World Wide Fund for Nature: a grand tour that links several of the WWF’s most important projects, blending opportunities to learn and lend a hand with time to relax and explore other aspects of Mozambique.

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