All About You

A truly bespoke journey is a story only you can tell- about an experience only we can create.

Brown + Hudson crafts one-of-a-kind experiences in every corner of the globe – wherever you and your companions may wish to explore. Each trip, journey, honeymoon, sabbatical, expedition or Grand Tour we create is by definition unique. What all our work has in common is the belief that any journey worth taking should be a rich personal story set within the larger narrative of your life.

To craft an exceptional journey that is uniquely tailored to your interests and style begin with unique fact-finding interview devised with Dr. Jaime Kurtz associate professor of psychology at James Madison University. Understanding your and your party’s deepest motivations and why you’re travelling is the first step.

Then we consider how you could travel, and what you could focus your time on. Clients have compared us to investigative journalists. Adopting your point of view, we consider not just the conventional sights and activities but also the non-obvious. These are what we call the ‘pillars’ – the higher-level issues, concepts or subjects you wouldn’t want to leave a place without knowing. 

Next, we dig deeper to equip you the insights behind the facts. We use our knowledge and vast network of contacts to craft a trip that’s entirely centred on you and your interests and individual style. 

Either you come to us with an idea, or we imagine what your story could be. In both cases we have the expertise, connections and energy to make it happen: Meeting a head of state or the journalist challenging their legitimacy. Strolling through a renowned art collection with the curator who put it together – or chatting over drinks with the architect who designed the museum. Meeting a writer or director or politician whom you’ve always admired – or a monk who hasn’t left his temple since before you were born. Playing the grand piano in one of the world’s great concert halls – or being serenaded by a platinum-selling artist at your private seaside villa. Filming a lioness and her cubs with an award-winning videographer – or putting a mountain bike into a helicopter and flying to an unexplored valley. Meeting an emperor penguin – or a member of the royal family. Dancing naked at the North Pole – or the South – or both.

Everything we do is summed up in one simple goal: to redefine what travel can be. There are many ways you can visit exotic places in luxury. But there’s far more to the journey than what you see and where you stay: it’s all about you.

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