Originality is Everything

Your Brown + Hudson journey is a genuine original – it doesn’t exist until we create it for you. And once you’ve experienced our approach, you’ll wonder how you ever accepted travelling any other way.

What does it take to create a truly bespoke trip? We start with our unique process of journalistic research, uncovering the various aspects of a region that best fit your goals and personal tastes.  Once we have your blessing on an overall plan, we continue exploring beyond the obvious, unearthing the crucial details and closely guarded secrets that add up to the real story. Just as importantly, we forge relationships with knowledgeable, influential and inspiring people who can bring that story to life.

Wherever necessary, we head in-country to connect with our existing contacts and discover new ones. Bypassing the established tourist infrastructure, we journey by small plane and four-wheel drive, vintage yacht and sea kayak, horseback and bike – and, of course, on foot. We test every manner of accommodations and try our hand at unusual activities. We ask our local insiders to show us cultural gems that they only share with friends. And we head out into the wilds, scouring remote environments for experiences that are rare, illuminating and genuinely magical.

Above all, we free our imaginations, exploring every possibility that might yield a remarkable escape from the ordinary. In our view, just because something hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it can’t be. And just because something doesn’t exist – a luxury camp among the dunes, a chef-prepared feast on top of a glacier – doesn’t mean we can’t create it. There’s always an opportunity to probe deeper and go further in seeking the ultimate travel experience.

Brown + Hudson clients make a significant emotional investment in the bespoke experiences we create for them. And we match that with an equally significant investment of our time and expertise, as we fine-tune each element to deliver the most rewarding possible outcome.

Seasoned travellers appreciate not having to spend their own valuable time trying to build such complex, multi-layered trips. But the value goes much deeper than that. We get to know our clients extremely well – not just their dietary needs and hotel preferences, but their personal interests and deep-seated motivations. At the same time, we peel back the layers of the regions they want to explore, considering them from all angles and finding the vital human connections that will make each place uniquely memorable.

It’s this mix of tenacity and creativity that ensures every Brown + Hudson trip has the value of a genuine original. We know that while it takes skill to create any kind of luxury vacation, crafting a truly bespoke travel experience requires a whole other dimension of insight, rigour and passion.

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