“Our gorillas were not in the mist, but that only made every detail all the more intense, staring into those eyes that seemed so curious and distant and knowing.”

  • Chimp through the trees, Rwanda
  • Intore dancer in Rwanda
  • Intore dancing tribe in Rwanda
  • Close up of a silverback gorilla in Rwanda
  • Aerial shot of the farming hills in Rwanda
  • Sleeping gorilla family in Rwanda

Discover Rwanda

Imagine trekking up the slopes of the dramatic volcanic Virunga mountain range, pushing through dense bamboo jungle toward one of the most unusual wildlife encounters on Earth – with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. 

Famed around the world thanks to Dian Fossey’s groundbreaking conservation work, the gorillas today number only 700 in the wild – and half of them inhabit the mist-shrouded hillsides of Rwanda’s Parc National des Volcans. Meeting one of these wonderful creatures up close is like holding up a mirror to find a reflection that’s at once totally alien yet eerily familiar. Without question, it’s a life-changing moment and one of the highlights of a bespoke luxury adventure in Rwanda. 

In a country with limited (though rapidly improving) infrastructure, we’ll ensure that your trek unfolds smoothly and unforgettably. We work only with the most experienced trackers and guides – lifetime professionals with proven records who can maximize your chances of a sighting. They’ll also give you a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the conservation work that continues, introducing you to renowned scientists and gorilla vets. 

For accommodations we favour small, well-managed properties providing the optimum in comfort and privacy along with your choice of transport, from high-end 4x4s to chartered aircraft or helicopters – though of course the actual trek is best enjoyed on foot.

The Rwanda we’ll show you has moved on from its troubled past. You’ll be struck by the friendliness of the people and by the many natural attractions in this tiny country that merit a longer visit. We highly recommend Nyungwe National Park in the southwest for its stunning scenery and wildlife. Exploring one of Africa’s largest mountain forests, you’ll see chimpanzees and, with luck, critically endangered golden monkeys – not to mention myriad bird species and a rich variety of orchids.

Should you wish to combine your Virunga gorilla trek with a more “classic” safari experience, we could combine your discovery of Rwanda with some of the great national parks of Tanzania or Kenya. However you ask us to craft your African adventure, its centerpiece will undoubtedly be the unrivalled wildlife.

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