“Sipping a sundowner by the fire with my boots up on a battered leather case, hearing about a run-in with a lioness and her cubs. This was the Africa I came for”.

  • Elephant trunk at Abu Camp in Tanzania
  • Lion in the morning mist, Tanzania
  • Giraffe overhead, Tanzania
  • Chada Katavi flycamp sundowners, Tanzania
  • Elephants in front of Kilimanjaro Tanzania
  • Lioness in the brush of Tanzania
  • Sunset at Fundu lagoon in Zanzibar Tanzania

Discover Tanzania

“There was never another time like that first time in Africa,” recalls Harry Street, Hemingway’s narrator in The Snows of Kilimanjaro. Whether it’s your first or 10th African trip, there certainly was never another place like Tanzania for a luxury bespoke holiday. Picture sitting by an open campfire, boots propped up on a battered leather safari case, sipping a sundowner as someone describes a run-in with a lioness and her cubs. Or later, as you drift off in your comfortable canvas tent, listening to the night sounds of the bush and wondering whether tomorrow’s first encounter will be with cheetahs or elephants.

Tanzania is home to some of the best conservation areas in Africa. And of all the wildlife experiences on offer, undoubtedly the most spectacular is the great migration of two million wildebeest and zebra across the Serengeti Plains. You can follow their exodus from a luxury camp, or enjoy a more traditional stay in an acclaimed lodge overlooking Ngorongoro Crater. Wherever you explore, we can invite an acclaimed nature photographer to join your group, so everyone captures the best possible images to match their spectacular memories.

Mahale Mountain National Park, on Lake Tanganyika, is well worth a visit to see the chimpanzees. Further south is the Selous, Africa’s largest reserve, where we can create a private safari on foot, by four-wheel drive or even by boat. Enjoy dips in natural hot springs after days of tracking black rhinos and other exotic game. Or, if you like historical oddities, explore trenches dug by German and British troops during the First World War.

Then there’s Kilimanjaro, the continent’s highest peak at 19,341ft, yet climbable for active travellers who are reasonably fit and can acclimatize to high altitudes. The hike is all about pacing yourself while testing your limits a little. And reaching the summit is a truly glorious feeling: as you watch the sun rise over the surrounding country, even the simple act of sipping a cup of tea has an immediacy you’ll never forget. Our experienced mountain guides and porters make this challenge as attainable as you could wish.

After you’ve climbed to the “Roof of Africa,” where better to unwind than on Zanzibar, the legendary spice island off Tanzania’s east coast. With its ancient and colonial history, vibrant Arab culture, fascinating architecture, white-sand beaches and incredible diving in the Indian Ocean, it’s a wonderful final chapter to your African adventure. We can secure a private villa in Stone Town. Or sail by private yacht to remote beaches and south down the mainland coast toward Mozambique, stopping at villages untouched by tourism.

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