A journey with no destination

January 02, 2024 by Jonathan Kelly,

For too long people have focused on the hardware of travel - the hotels and destinations. Instead, why not think more about the software - the outcomes or the change that you want to achieve through travel? We’ve designed a journey where even you will not know where you are going.

Rather than a destination, we’d like to focus on how your journey will make you feel on your return. We may work with one member of your party or keep the destination a complete surprise. Therefore you may not know where you are going until we take you; and even then you may not understand why you are there at first.

The real questions to ask are: why travel in the first place? How can travel change you and offer a renewed sense of appreciation for where you come from? How can we achieve a more meaningful form of travel? What motivates you? What are you searching for from your time away? How can we exceed your expectations and inspire you after your return?

We often forget that we take ourselves on holiday, what we enjoy doing does not suddenly change because we are abroad. People have a tendency to do whatever a guidebook tells them to, rather than what they truly enjoy doing. If you don’t like museums at home, why would you spend time in one when you’re on holiday? 

Quick-fix holidays certainly recharge the batteries and provide a getaway from daily life. But we believe that your destination matters a lot less than many people think. With the right insights into yourself, an unknown journey can bring much greater rewards. Gain new perspectives on life, surprising anonymity, opportunities for reflection, and upon your return - a refreshed appreciation for the complex place you call home.


The creative process we take you through to gain insight into your motivations and ambitions takes trust and an evolving dialogue between us. Your strengths and personal development goals become the key starting points in crafting an extraordinary, memorable journey.

Knowing this we will make informed suggestions on how you should spend your time and propose techniques to achieve those objectives. 

We appreciate that each destination has sights likely to be most interesting to you. But we also aim to seek out the uncommon, coupled with insightful, memorable experiences with rare access. Our approach is unusual and far from typical.

We know that everyone has their own definition of ‘otherness’ but instead of telling us where you would like to go, why not take a risk? We will intertwine your insights into a hand-crafted experience that will challenge preconceptions and develop a better sense of self and belonging. 

You’ll tell us what it is you are seeking from travel. What motivates you and most importantly how you want to feel once you return? We’ll find out where you’ve already travelled, anywhere or anything you definitely don’t want to do and how risky or intrepid you dare to be. Then you will leave everything up to us.

One of our dedicated trip planners will set about planning your bespoke voyage. Carefully considered and unusual activities, events, exercises, intriguing or inspiring people and mysterious locations will all be included. Each hand-picked to ensure that by the time you return home you feel exactly how you wished. 

This journey begins before you even leave. We’ll ensure you have everything you need to equip you for the voyage, both literal and personal, that you are about to undertake. We’ll offer suggestions of topics to ponder, along with predeparture exercises and thought-provoking reading material. You’ll only discover the destination that you are travelling to upon check-in at the airport, or perhaps not even until you arrive. 

There’s no doubt that entrusting us to craft a travel experience like no other requires an open mind and an experienced traveller. You may long for a different perspective on how you view the world so we may welcome you to Tokyo for an introduction to tranquillity. Mumbai’s slums could teach you satisfaction, a Texan oil field about culture. There is more to discover wherever you go than just what guidebooks tell you to see or do. Perhaps you wish for a greater appreciation of your everyday. We might suggest you sit quietly in a familiar part of town and intricately sketch your surroundings. By slowing down your pace we encourage you to engage at a deeper level with the familiar world around you. 

We all travel for different reasons - escapism, relaxation, adventure, or self-fulfilment. Let us show you that the pleasure you derive from your journey is more dependent on the mind-set with which you travel, than on the destination you go to. 



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