“All you need to remember about Peru is…absolutely everything, from sunrise over Machu Picchu to the Andean villager offering a dish that may be guinea pig.”

  • Little girl dressed in traditional Peruvian garment
  • Chan Chan pre-Colombian city and archaeological site in Peru
  • Man in boat on the Titicaca lake in Peru
  • Peruvian lake landscape
  • Stone gate at Machu Pichu in Cusco Peru
  • Poncho men sitting on pavement in Cusco Peru
  • Sunset over Isle de Sol, Lake Titicaca, Peru

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A luxury bespoke adventure in Peru. It conjures up a couple of immediate images: Hiking to Machu Picchu, maybe with an expert on Inca culture. And sitting somewhere with a piso sour, taking in spectacular views of the Andes. But what else does Peru have to offer, and how can you weave it together into an extraordinary trip?

That’s our job at Brown + Hudson. First, to show you the other sides of Peru: vibrant cities and white-walled colonial towns, towering volcanoes and crystal-clear lakes, dense rainforest and an amazing array of wildlife. And then, just as important, to deal with the realities of a topography that can make transport difficult – so we arrange for access by plane, helicopter and boat to the remotest corners.  

After a rendezvous in Lima, we can fly you on to Cusco, historic capital of the Inca Empire and now a UNESCO World Heritage site. We suggest taking it easy for a couple of days as you acclimatize to 11,200ft. We can arrange for a historian to guide you around the superb ruins of Sacsayhuaman and elsewhere in the nearby Sacred Valley.

The main draw, though, is Machu Picchu. Built around 1450 but abandoned a century later, the city may have been decimated by smallpox. If you’d like to make the amazing four-day hike from Cusco, we’ll obtain the right permit and organize porters. Or, for an amazing perspective on the ancient city and surrounding mountains, we can easily arrange for a helicopter to spirit you there in just over an hour. Either way, leading authorities on Inca civilization are at your disposal.

Elsewhere in the Andes, we’ll guide you to magnificent peaks – there are 37 in Peru over 19,685ft – that you can climb with an expert team or just capture with your camera. And in the east we’ll take you deep into the rainforest, where you’ll discover habitats as diverse as any in South America. In fact, the Peruvian Amazon makes up 60% of the country – but few Peruvians live here, so aside from the screeches of howler monkeys or the occasional cry of a Scarlet Macaw, you’re assured peace and quiet. In addition to local indigenous guides, we can call on experts from major universities, as well as documentary teams from the BBC or Discovery Channel, to round out your expeditionary group. 

We’ll show you the best spots to fish for trout on Lake Titicaca, or charming colonial towns like Arequipa, under the snow-capped El Misti volcano. We can fly you over the mysterious Nazca Lines or take you to our favourite spots along the coast for the freshest possible ceviche. Just tell us what you want your Peru to be, and we’ll create it together.

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