“There’s one thing to be said for a frantic Western lifestyle: it toughens you up to endure the spirit-awakening remoteness and pure, astonishing beauty of Nepal.”

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Philippe Brown writes:

I first travelled to Nepal quite a while back, landing in Kathmandu sometime after the departure of the hippies (well, most of them) and the arrival of the Maoists. At that point the Himalayan kingdom was well known to the likes of Sir Edmund Hillary and others bent on conquering Chomolungma, “Mother Goddess of the Universe” – Everest, to those of us who don’t know a col from a crampon. Trekkers also headed to the Khumbu and Annapurna regions to hike through every fold of the stunning mountain terrain. And even then I could see that Nepal would be an incredible place to create the kind of bespoke adventure that has become our Brown + Hudson trademark.

Imagine watching the first rays of dawn light hitting a legendary mountain. Gazing out from a ridge over a fishtail-shaped peak, warming your hands around a fresh cup of chai. Breathing in the crisp air as you walk high trails with friends or family. Learning Nepali songs and picking up fascinating snippets of natural history from your expert guides, chefs and porters. Enriching yourself in spiritual encounters with Hindus, Tibetan Buddhists and members of ancient mountain tribes. And, of course, experiencing the ultimate blend of sublime scenery, rich culture and generous hospitality.

For the adventurous with the luxury of time, it’s feasible to focus exclusively on the spectacular Annapurna Circuit. Or combine a section of that trek with a stay at a historic hotel in Kathmandu, then fly on to Lukla and hike up the Khumbu toward Namche Bazaar and Everest. And how about some spectacular white-water rafting down the Sun Koshi River, staying overnight in private tented camps along the way?

The less-known Jaljale Himal Ridge trek is another of our favourites and a miraculously hidden jewel. Its pristine trails lead to wonderful cultural and spiritual encounters with Hindus, Tibetan Buddhists and remote tribespeople. You can do the entire trek or weave a shortened version into your other Himalayan adventures.

Wherever you head in Nepal, our handpicked support team ensures your safety and comfort all along the way. You spend each night either in a stunning mountain lodge or a traditional village teahouse appointed with all the comforts we know you’ll appreciate. And once settled in, we’ll introduce you to your host, often a local dignitary or chief, who’ll welcome you to a traditional feast that typically turns into a party for the whole village – and creates memories you’ll carry with you forever.

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