“Arriving in Tokyo at night, you get the full-on Blade Runner impact of its pulsing neon buzz. We’ll arrange a helicopter from the airport for added sensory overload.”

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In Japan it’s vital to wrap a gift properly. There are no slapdash efforts with hurriedly folded paper and crisscrossed pieces of tape. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the thought that counts begins with making even the outside of a present a work of art, almost too delicate and beautiful to tear into. This is the spirit we bring to creating  bespoke luxury vacations in Japan. Others may remove just the outer wrapping, assuming you’ll be content with a few superficial impressions. We prefer to take you into this fascinating country layer by layer, digging progressively deeper into its unique culture by offering unrivalled access to people who, quite simply, can show you what others cannot.

In one of Japan’s premier sushi restaurants, a master chef will personally prepare a welcoming feast for your party. You can watch or even help out as he expertly prepares fugu fish – deadly poisonous if not handled correctly, so watching may be a better option for the jetlagged among you. And if you’re interested in a more wide-ranging introduction to Japanese cookery, we’ll ask a renowned gourmand to guide you through the intricacies of traditional cuisine and its regional variations. 

While you’re in Tokyo we can also arrange an exclusive kabuki performance, with an English-speaking expert to quietly guide you through the performance. Or perhaps you’d like to visit a sumo stable to watch apprentices go through their paces – and then take your ringside seat to get up close (though hopefully not too personal) during a bout.

Heading south, you’ll likely want to explore Mount Fuji on foot or horseback. We’d also recommend a visit to Kyoto, the former imperial capital. We’ll reserve an ancient ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, exclusively for your party and introduce you to the nuances of the tea ceremony while a geisha serenades you with classical music. We’ll also make sure you gain access to sites such as Kinkaku-ji – after the madding crowds have departed, so you can experience this splendid Buddhist temple at its most serene.

We could go on: private heli-skiing in Hokkaido, personal calligraphy lessons from a national champion, soaking in a cypress-wood tub at a traditional country onsen or spa. But the main point is that a trip to Japan is not a matter of checking off monuments in a guidebook. It’s about the experiences you have along the way, and the extraordinary people who make them happen – which is where Brown + Hudson shines.  No one else unwraps Japan like we do.

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