“In The Land of People, the population density is officially recorded as 0 per square mile. And you’ll remember every person who greets you and shares their story.”

  • Northern Lights behind a house, Organip, Aggutaa, Greenland
  • Sunset over melting ice in Greenland
  • Green Northern Lights, Greenland
  • Dog sledding in Greenland
  • Sunset over misty waters in Greenland
  • Sunset over rocks and water in Greenland
  • Northern Lights over a mountain range, purple and green, Greenland

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What is Greenland doing in our Europe section? Well, it’s just the next stop past Iceland. And while this vast frozen island may be geographically part of North America, it does have deep European connections, right down to its present-day status as an autonomous region of Denmark. 

Of course, such geopolitical musings vanish the moment you set foot in Kalaallit Nunaat, “The Land of People,” as it’s known to descendants of the Inuit who settled here some 4,500 years ago. These are the Greenlanders we introduce you to – resident experts and weathered raconteurs who love sharing their unique culture and colourful history. They’re ideal companions for discovering the magnificent mountains, pristine fjords and surreal blue glaciers that make a bespoke adventure in Greenland unlike any other vacation, European or otherwise.

Timing is an issue. Blink, and you can miss the entire Arctic summer. But in those two fleeting months, nature offers unforgettable wildlife encounters. By sea, search for humpback, killer and blue whales, along with the unicorn-like narwhal. And on land (or ice), spot walrus, seals, reindeer, arctic foxes, lemmings and, if conditions permit, polar bears. The Midnight Sun helps extend wildlife sightings virtually round the clock.

At other times of the year, you can take in the Aurora Borealis, an indescribable spectacle worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. Even better, see it in the company of our friend Pomiuk, who links each flare of coloured light back to his people’s ancient legends. Greenlanders believe their children carry the wisdom, survival instincts and magical intelligence of their ancestors. We think they may be on to something.

To ensure your comfort in the wilds, we choose the best hotels and, for the adventurous, luxuriously outfitted trappers’ huts and ice camps. And in the absence of roads, we get you from one village to the next by ship, helicopter, dogsled and snowmobile, and in the summer via 4x4 and on foot.

There’s incredible hiking and walking everywhere. One of our favourite routes is from Narsasuaq to Kiattuut and by the shores of the stunning lake at Sermiat. Or hike around Nanortalik, maybe stopping for a white-linen picnic in the Norse fort at Hvalsey.

Wherever you journey across the northern wilderness, whether kayaking up to towering glaciers at Ilulissat or travelling by dogsled with Inuit guides to fish and hunt at Uummannaq, your experiences under the midnight sun will stay with you forever.

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