“At Sources de Caudalie you can bathe à la Cléopâtre in a barrel of Bordeaux. It must be good for you, or they wouldn’t waste all that great wine.”

  • Chateau de Chambord, Centre, France
  • Arches in France
  • Le Chateau de Villandry Gardens, France
  • Midi D'Ossau in France
  • Chambord Terrace, France
  • Countryside landscape in France
  • Golden sunset over the French Alps

Discover France

It’s hard to know where to start in describing potential luxury vacations in France, we have so many ideas for sharing its best secrets. Here are just a few possibilities to get you started:

How about staying in some of the historic châteaux of the Loire, chatting over glasses of Vouvray with the noble families who’ve lived here forever, then enjoying aristocratic views from your 17th-century four-poster bed?

In Provence, renowned vintners Laurence Feraud and her father Paul welcome you to Domaine du Pegau, known for its extraordinary 100-point scores. Wherever you explore in the French vineyards, we can arrange for an acclaimed chef to prepare a private meal with pairings of the estate’s wines.

Discover Renoir’s Ferme des Collettes in the house that the painting depicts – the artist’s mansion on the Côte d’Azur at Cagnes-sur-Mer, where he spent his final years. Or stroll with a cheese expert through a country market, sampling some of France’s 500 or so varieties – then hone your culinary technique in personal cooking classes with a celebrated chef.

In the Dordogne Valley, get a new perspective on riverside castles while paddling a canoe beneath their walls. Or relive the Hundred Years’ War in private fencing classes with a renowned master at arms. We can also take you to see 25,000-year-old cave paintings – not at the popular Dordogne sites, but at some less-visited spots nearby.

In Normandy, join our friend Major-General Graham Hollands for a walk on the D-Day beaches as he shares his insights into the landings. Or improve your skiing technique with an Olympic champion – in your own private area of a resort in the French Alps. 

Explore Burgundy, Lyon and the Rhône Valley from France’s definitive luxury hotel, the Château de Bagnols in Beaujolais. Or plunge into the Enchanted Valley, with its steep wooded slopes, winding river roads and Michelin-starred dining – where we’ll arrange an organ recital at the medieval abbey in Conques.

And of course you’ll always have Paris. We’ll get you into the Louvre sans crowds; in fact, we can arrange after-hours visits to many of the country’s finest museums, with senior curators as your guides. We’ll also share the small rituals of Parisian life – like chocolat chaud (hot chocolate for adults!) at Angelina’s or delicate macaroons at Ladurée.

As for staying active, Brown + Hudson is uniquely qualified to create and lead bespoke biking and walking trips through France’s most stunning landscapes – with nights at gorgeous private homes or acclaimed château hotels.

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