Discover Ecuador with To’ak Chocolate

Join us on a journey of discovery from Ecuador’s Pacific Ocean to remote corners of pristine coastal rainforest.

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This is the story of chocolate that’s never been told. And never until now imagined. 

Travel deep into Ecuador’s remote rainforest in search of the world’s rarest cocoa beans - and To’ak, the most sought-after chocolate on earth

Stay in Ecuador’s finest beach resort and forage with an award-winning chef. Fly by private helicopter to the remotest and most breathtaking parts of this beautiful country and meet visionary conservationists, uncover a chocolate heritage thousands of years older than that of the Maya, and learn how Ecuador’s nacional cacao was saved from the brink of extinction. Co-founder of To’ak, Jerry Toth will share his passion for the rare nacional cacao tree, which gave us the first chocolate created by man, some 5,300 years ago; take you to the remote reserve where he is helping rescue this ancient tree from extinction; and show you the forest clearing where he first hand-made the chocolates that have since become the most coveted in the world.

Exciting, Exhilarating, Exotic?  Certainly.  But this remarkable journey is also highly exclusive. 

From £5,950 per person this 4 day experience is an integral part of any visit to Ecuador. Combine with the Galapagos, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia or even a Luxpedition into the grasslands of Columbia.

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Find out more about the untold story of chocolate

We have mentioned but a few of the highlights of this magical journey to the motherland of cacao. Download the itinerary here or from the email we have sent you, pour yourself a coffee or glass of wine and discover Ecuador through the origins of chocolate.

We look forward to setting you on your journey, so give one of our bespoke travel planners a call on +44 203 358 0110 if you require any further information, or have any questions.

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