Brown + Hudson discovers “Polar If Sol” - a new island

April 01, 2015 by Jonathan Kelly, 2 minute read time

Polar If Sol South Pacific island discovered by Brown and Hudson

We’re thrilled to today announce a hugely exciting discovery made by our team of experts, whilst on a client research visit to the South Pacific. 

We have uncovered the existence of a new paradise island. Situated in the one of the most remote parts of the Southern Pacific’s crystal clear waters, is a beautiful, undisturbed paradise. A miniature island, guarded by lush green palm trees and surrounded by white beaches and tranquil waters. There is no human life on the island as far as we know, and no sign of anyone ever having been there. It’s so extremely rare to find something like this. 

One of our team members noticed this hidden paradise from our boat, through a long lens camera and headed to the island to take a closer look. The new island is tiny - almost a mile wide, including a lagoon, and just over a mile long. From the beaches, the views of the South Pacific are second to none - unrivalled beauty and tranquility for miles around.

It is a perfect place for relaxation - total silence and calmness and a jewel in the crown of the Pacific Ocean. We’re hoping that after extensive analysis and investigation of the island by our expert team, it will be deemed suitable as a luxury destination - there is nowhere more special for a bespoke trip than a previously undiscovered paradise island!

The island’s unusual shape - round, with a watery lagoon in the middle - reminds us of a Polo mint, therefore we’ve nicknamed the island “Polar If Sol”-  Polo in the Sun, roughly translated from the nearest language which is Tuvaluan, from the neighbouring South Pacific island, Tuvalu. 

We are working with the Land and Resources Commission of the South Pacific Islands to find out more about this wondrous accidental discovery.

If you would like to be the first to experience a uniquely crafted trip to this exclusive island please visit contact us or call 0203 358 0110.