Brown + Hudson is a team of outstanding individuals who share a passion for travel. To be an effective member of our company, you will have a brilliant mind, be inventive and unorthodox. Your dedication to all aspects of our clients’ experiences will be irreproachable. You will be well-travelled, knowledgeable, engaging and excellence-seeking.

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  • Managing Director

    Posted - November 17, 2017

    Brown + Hudson Ethic

    For a high and ultra-high net-worth clientele, Brown + Hudson creates and curates exquisitely crafted, truly bespoke travel experiences. The result of our work is richer travel stories for our clients. 

    Brown + Hudson staff, partners and guides, work together to create and deliver unique and exceptional experiences. These are richer and more textured than traditional luxury travel offerings and ultimately become our clients most treasured travel memories.

    The following qualities are essential to be an effective member of the Brown + Hudson team: 

          Ambition, brilliant brain – inventive and unorthodox

          Well-travelled, knowledgeable and eager to learn about travel, marketing and business

          Hard working, engaging & generous personality, seeks excellence and continuous improvement

          Energy, positivity and unwavering determination

          Client focused and dedicated to the client’s experience

          Creative problem solver and “out of the box” thinker

          Positive attitude, enthusiasm, sense of humour and always a team player

          Leadership and initiative in all situations

          Communicative, honest and accountable

          Hungry to acquire and share expertise

          A passion for and a willingness to travel

    This particular role requires:

    ▪     An inspiring, unconventional big thinker and entrepreneurial drive

    ▪     Constant creativity, with ability to inspire others into new ways of thinking and working

    ▪     Obsessive attention to detail, deadlines and big picture thinking

    ▪     Someone who is hard working, who seeks excellence and continuous improvement

    ▪     An articulate individual with irreproachable written English and impeccable personal presentation

    ▪     A cultured reader, a thinker most likely with a liberal arts background

    ▪      Gregarious character with strong leadership qualities

    ▪     Utter discretion, gravitas and sense of bigger corporate goals

    ▪     Excellent written English & adaptability of written styles

    ▪     CIPD qualified would be preferable

    ▪     Computer skills, Word, Excel, Adobe InDesign…

    ▪     Flexible enough to travel throughout UK and overseas to meet clients and attend events - often outside normal office hours

    Experience and Attributes Required


    ▪     University educated

    ▪     Excellent written English

    ▪     Ability to work effectively & calmly under pressure, meet deadlines in a challenging and changing environment

    ▪     Excellent organisational skills

    ▪     Attention to detail and to deadlines

    ▪     Must be able to use initiative and prioritise

    ▪     Good IT skills & a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint &Adobe InDesign

    ▪     To ensure confidentiality and security of all clients, documentation and information

    ▪     Well-travelled, knowledgeable and eager to learn


    Core Competencies

    Results Focus: Sets high work standards for self and team members and demonstrates drive to meet targets

    Commercial acumen: Tangibly demonstrates commercial acumen in all aspects of the business

    Client Orientation: Desire and willingness to address the needs of all clients, providing rapid and effective responses & seeking continually to improve quality and standards of excellence

    Communication: The ability to convey information clearly, accurately and convincingly through speech and/or writing. Must be able to demonstrate listening skills, tact, diplomacy & rapport building

    Leadership Skills: Motivates, inspires, empowers and develops others to achieve shared goals

    Quality Focused: Strong attention to detail and accuracy

    Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality of information (personal and company)

    Task Management: Ability to ensure that tasks & projects are followed through & completed on a timely basis

    Decision Making and Initiative: Ability to assess the extent and scope of a problem and decide what action is appropriate. Willingness to own action and outcome

    Influencing and Negotiating: Convinces or impresses others in a way that results in acceptance, agreement or behaviour change

    Strategic Thinking: Maintains and communicates a compelling vision of the future and adopts strategies to drive the business forward to achieve long term goals

    Working under pressure: Must be able to work under pressure and constantly re-prioritise workload

    Time Management: Must be able to work to deadlines and be highly organised

    Initiative: Must be proactive with the ability to work in a changing environment and receptive to the need for change


    This position reports to the principal, Philippe Brown.

    Supported by the company’s founder/CVO, this key role ensures the smooth running of the company, the implementation of systems and processes and its long term commercial development and success.

    This role is the first step towards autonomous general management of the company.



    1.     Ensure the smooth day to day running and development of the company

    2.     Inject tangible commercial acumen and competitive urgency to every aspect of the business

    3.     Inspire our team to do incomparably creative work whilst ensuring an increase in company profits

    4.     Allow the founder/CVO to remove himself from the day to day management of the company



    ▪     Business Development 

    ▪     Finance

    ▪     Trip Planning

    ▪     Team and General Management

    ▪     Marketing

    ▪     Human Resources and Management

    ▪     Office and IT Management


    Job Title: Managing Director

    Organisation: Reporting to Philippe Brown

    Direct Reports: 3 x Trip Planners, 1 x Marketing Manager, 1 x part time financial controller


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